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Jessica Dishmon


Jessica Dishmon is a woman of zest, purposed to change the trajectory of how girls turned women interface with themselves within the world. This revelation surfaced due to her own life happenings that prompted a deepening level of understanding and heightened self-awareness. Consequently, she attained a master’s degree in multicultural counseling and an education specialist degree (Ed.S.) in school psychology. Currently, she works within the public-school sector and prides herself in her ability to reach female youth from a psychological lens and enjoys building those connections. 


While in the field of education, Jessica desired to expand her impact by teaching young girls life skills, not necessarily taught within a structured school setting. Therefore, in June 2014 she founded Treasures Unlocked, Incorporated; A nonprofit organization aimed to cultivate the social and emotional well-being of teens and young adults. Her work through this venture included the implementation of summer and afterschool camps, focusing on building empathy, learning how to encourage self and others, differentiating between effective and ineffective communication styles and learning how to positively affirm one’s self.  She and her girls also partnered with other social organizations as to exemplify the importance of community benevolence. 


At this juncture of her journey, she aims to continue her life’s work by expanding her target audience to include women. In a culture that praises bad and bougie behavior Jessica’s goal is to promote the message that allowing one’s self to hold and take up space, in the world, gracefully, is the ultimate prize. To help uplift the spirits of others, evoke interactions amongst the human race that compels us to strengthen our communication styles, heighten our service to self and others and expand our overall love and care for the internal and external US. For those displaying these characteristics, she coined the term ‘doll.ish behavior'. After all as a doll herself, she knows beauty emanates from the inside out. 


Follow her on Instagram @jess_the_doll2 for uplifting quotes, thought provoking questions, snapshots of her hobbies and the fulfillment of her dreams and aspirations.


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