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On October 4, 2018, Dollish Behavior, Mary Kidd and her husband of Pasadena Avenue Church in Flint Michigan teamed up to assist with the Flint Water Crisis. They,  amongst 11 other volunteers, disseminated 16,560 bottles of water (690 cases), to  Flint residents as to continue to restore a well needed resource within the city. As volunteers unloaded 2 U-Haul trucks, residents parked and waited for their cars to be filled with cases of water.


During this time residents also provided their many thanks and spoke of the travesties that continued to plague the city as the holidays neared. Jessica Dishmon, CEO and founder of Doll.ish Behavior was adamant about this endeavor as the brands heartbeat is one that promotes the importance of uplifting and empowering another as to bring about positive change and outcomes within self first, then others.


The overall message is to continuously be 'pretty' from the inside out. Thereby  her attempt to be a part of a solution to a problem that plagued and continues to affect people is doing just that.

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